The Politisphere – Sunday Rant – 002

Anyone within the United States is likely aware of numerous aspects of American life and really American mindsets. We follow a tradition of becoming extraordinarily polarized at least once every 4 years where suddenly differences in perspectives actually start to matter. Half the time, people choose to side with other of which they have absolutely no idea why they’re even following them. I am of course referring to the much suffocating atmosphere of American Politics.

Democracy comes at a price. The people don’t follow a leader, we choose it very much down to the resumes provided and whatever digging can be done on the prime candidates. When things don’t really go our way, it’s not just some mere lost to most, it’s a lost in moral philosophy matched against another. The very basis of American politics is polarized and dogmatic much like warring religions each side simply lifting up a king so to avoid their Satan.

So let’s talk about it. I mentioned American politics and vaguely the presidential elections, I might as well talk about “How did the Orange Orangutan make it into office?” Just look to the left, and where they seek entertainment. No seriously, for all the claims that Trump supporters are some sort of hell spawn or whatever, they’re often the most harassed for literally no real reason. The Venomous nature of the left has taken to such an extreme this elections with just as shit for a candidate. Admittedly, the left has taken up some interesting characters in general, with Anarcho Communism on the rise despite contradicting itself with the very set up, the rise of an alternative news station on YouTube ran by an Armenian Genocide denier by the name of Cenk Uygur. Even BLM despite evoking numerous crazy demands have been simply given a pass. Don’t believe me that BLM has made rather crazy demands, just check out their fucking website. Here, I thought the Right was suppose to be the stir fry crazies with the science denier Christians, and really that’s almost about it. It’s really not hard to understand why the American Right would come off as conformist with so very little variation and arguably made up with outright plaintive people until you hear one of them say something as fucking retarded as “oh yeah, I think parents should have the power to shock the gay away on their kids.”

I most certainly hold a stake in all of this for sure. I personally lean a little ways to the Right in the libertarian/anarchism side of things, and am most associated with the Libertarian party (assuming it’s not just a party that’s gone to the fucking left because it just becomes full of fucktards who don’t really understand what conservatism vs liberalism vs libertarianism actually means.) Sorry, nothing like hearing a so called Libertarian start talking providing government benefits or making more things part of the government. The first thought that typically goes through my head is “You do fucking realize what the economic philosophy of Libertarianism refers to right? We’re not fucking honorary libtards.” I genuinely hold the belief that it’s not the United States responsibility to try to act as the world’s provider. What little of a government we should have is their for the people of the country it serves. Anyways, I’m dragging off a little too much here and I feel like I should finish my previous point right quick here.

MAKING YOUR ENTERTAINMENT ABOUT HOW MUCH YOU FUCKING HATE DONALD TRUMP IS WHAT GOT HIM ELECTED. I know weird right. No. It’s really not. I don’t entertain the thought of making a shit ton of jokes in place to exercise defamation of his character as a public figure or have been taken from those places. Trump is a fucking retarded candidate for a multitude of reasons, however the left went full retard themselves and decided making him out to be a misogynist, racist and what-the-fuck-ever alarming buzzword. It doesn’t come off as too odd that Trump would make an anti-defamation law or really a law to regulate media outlets so to make sure that they “can only tell the truth” as if I’m suppose to trust that such a law in place would work to do much of anything. More on that later. The hatred of Trump has even taken to some mainstream as allowing for frustrated children to take it out on him as a unconscious patient in Surgeon Simulator. There is enough reasons to not care for Trump as a candidate than trying to tact on some buzzword.

“But Trump IS a racist, misogynist…” Cries some worthless sack of shit.

No, he’s not. It was very fucking clear that he was referring to the massive emigration from Mexico. How else do you refer to a Mexican citizen, then as a Mexican. Really, what the fuck is wrong with people that you can’t understand how massive immigration of illegals (not affected by the stupid minimum wage laws) affects the employment. Trump’s idea of building a fucking wall is absolutely retarded. A large amount of the issue could easily be handled by having Mexico and Canada agree to break off the NAFTA agreement. It’s of no use to Mexico (seeing how it’s exactly an element in increasing the crime rate in their country) and of no use to Canada (Of whom are hard pressed in trying to push Marijuana legalization due the treaty getting in the way of it.) It won’t immediately fix the issues for sure, but it will definitely take it away from being a continual contributing factor.  The moral I want people to take away from this is that, when people go to the Trump rallies and find that the media lied about absolutely fucking everything and purposely made Trump into some enemy of the state over whatever petty reason.It’s far more understandable why a  rather stupid man would gain so much traction being made out to be some what-the-fuck-ever may gain so much sympathy by people who may very easily be used to being made out in the same light due to some lack of eloquence or racial/cultural disposition. The left lost because they relied on people being simple-minded children accepting of the spoon-feed bullshit of collegehumor, Cracked, Buzzfeed, Huffington Post and various other echo-chambers.

Don’t get me wrong, the US has always been like this. No quite to this degree. I think the only time that comes close to this level of leftist protesting was when Abraham Lincoln as a Republican made it into office, and the Democrats a great deal from the South didn’t like the idea of loosing their “rights” to slaves. When you take a little look at history, it starts to paint a whole different story of the left. Hell, Southern Democrats had also been responsible for the Jim Crow Laws. I’m sure BLM would love know about that shit.

Before I forget, I have one last point I’d like to finish this little Rant up with. The KKK. It never seems to fucking matter what the Ku Klux Klan  actually does, they will forever remain one of the most hated groups in society, a great deal of which comes from good reason. What astounds me about them is out of all of the White’s supremacist groups and/or Aryan supremacist groups within the Unite States, the one that will always caught people’s eyes are the KKK. There seems to be no more damaging statement than “But aren’t (insert_name) supported by the KKK.”

The moment that statement leaves someone’s mouth is shifts the very feel of the air around you. This might or hopefully already come as common sense to people as they get older, but I’ll say it anyways. It doesn’t matter if the KKK supports a candidate or notion. They do support anyone with the notion that they are welcomed. Neither the Left or Right will support the KKK or want anything to do with the group. It’s not going to stop them from wanting to jump on either party. I think South Park actually demonstrated it best when they did an episode of when Chef wanted the South Park flag changed due to the flag demonstrating a lynching of a Black person. In that episode, those who supported maintaining the flag as it was did it under the notion that it’s a reminder of where the community came from and is a landmark of what the town can be recognized by. (Personally, I would think wanting to be recognized by a flag of a lynching would be the last thing you’d want your community recognized by.) When the KKK decided to support the remainders, their response was telling them to go away and that they want no association with them. The KKK didn’t give a fuck, they just said, “well too bad, we’re supporting you anyways.” The point I’m trying to get across here is that Neither the Left or Right will ever want to be support by the KKK and neither do they ask for, or want their support. It doesn’t stop the KKK. Most times, they jump in to support whoever is anti-censorship or for protecting the right to freedom of thought and expression. Really whoever supported free speech or freedom of expression only did so because their on the losing side or at least not in a significant position of power at the time. Give it time, you’ll start seeing more and more conservative who used to claim being pro freedom of expression argue and/or fight against it the same as what the left has done with political correctness. The Right has done so before least we forget which Bush enacted the patriot’s act to begin with.

Hopefully, this rant isn’t just going to alienate newcomers or off set too many people, but it was a subject of conversation that I felt like bringing up or at least venting about for a bit. Who knows, I may touch on the subject later. There’s still a great deal of discussion that can go on about the very political-cultural divide within the United States.

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