20% my ass B&N – Sunday Rant – 004

Thus the Second of my President day weekend rant. I really didn’t plan for having 3. Really, it start with having only two topics that drove up enough emotion to really discuss in great detail. Pussy came 3rd. Ha. Okay, back to what I’m going over.

This one’s a little less laugh out loud and lol than my last one, and mostly because this is more of one of those stories of how a store made my shit list. Barnes & Nobles.

First off, there’s a number of reason that I actually enjoy Barnes & Nobles and especially the online service. The website allows for me to find and purchase CDs that I really wouldn’t be able to find anywhere due to how obscure the musical group is such as Arkona and Samael. With each passing day, Samael becomes all the more alluding.

So, when I saw that Barnes & Noble’s emailed me a 20% off discount on whatever, I got excited. I found some CD already on some 5% sale and thought to myself, “Oh, it’ll just let me use the 20% instead of the 5%.” I pretty much figured that the 5% wouldn’t tack onto the 20% off. Didn’t work.

As I soon learned, the Barnes & Nobel’s website will only accept the 20% if there isn’t already a deal on the item. I didn’t feel too disgruntled about it at the time. The discount expires by the 20th and the sale lasts until the 22nd so I knew I couldn’t just time it right either. Maybe there’s some other kind of CD I could find that’s not already on some sort of sale.

As it turned out, every CD had some sort of sale going onto the 22nd. Does this story start to feel drawn out enough? Well, this doesn’t start to compare to how much time I wasted searching through to find absolutely no books on discount or really much of anything of worth to me not already on some discount. Really the only item I could say I was happy seeing was a book called Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. I actually felt okay with the deal because they had it for 37% off which was better than what I was initially offered anyways. I think the most pain-striking part of it is the fact that before I click on an item, there would be no way I would even know if there had already been some sort of discount.

It was a Schrodinger’s cat scenario. At some point, I figure that effort was absolutely not worth it. I was wasting my time. Every item was both on sale and not on sale for all I cared. And I felt fairly safe in saying that absolutely everything had the same exactly sale up to the 22nd. So why would Barnes & Nobel’s offer me a discount that I could never feasibly use? Simple. It was a cheap and effective marketing tool to just pull me to their website.

If you can sell everything at a set discount at one time, then what risk do you really run into when customers go to your site and reach a point of fatigue and decide “Well, it’s already on an acceptable enough discount, fuck it, why not take up the offer as is.” Not quite to Barnes & Nobel’s favor, I didn’t fall for the trap. I merely became aware of the trap and frustrated at how I thought I had a decent discount that I could use only to find it didn’t work on anything, and likely never would. In the end, I just ended up not buying anything out of frustration. Well, I might return for Brave New World. Hey, if they want to deny me a 20% discount but give me a 37% discount, can I really find a better way to say fuck your useless discount?

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