Headache Laser Beam – Sunday Rant – 006

For now, I’m not returning to the subject discussed in my last rant. Ultimately, I would like to go into greater detail on that subject, and really there would be a great many subjects that I would like to discuss, yet I seem to suffer from this extreme headache. Hell, I figured I could maybe start some discussion about the cringy-ass Minecraft video that I just pumped out. Though seeing how it’s only been up for like 15 hours by the time I started writing this, I think I ought to hold off from that right now.

So, why don’t I just rant about this stupid headache that I’ve been dealing with for so long. It’s not so bad now, because I took a bunch of pain meds, but for the time it had been. So much so that I considered whether or not banging my head into a wall or something of that sort would help or only worsen the condition. Really what would have been great is if I could just somehow beam the headache at someone so I don’t have to deal with it. I would choose my victim wisely enough.

I would say my only consideration is that I was at work with this headache and I don’t really think I would want to push that sudden pain onto many of my co-workers. There’s some I could easily see not minding leaving in a painful condition. Really, I just figured I could laser beam a customer just as they leave though the door and none would be any the wiser from the transaction. Given that I time it just right. Then again, if I had a beam come out of my head and shoot someone in the head, that would catch a lot of attention. I really didn’t think this concept through.

In my defense, I was dealing with a really painful headache at the time of considering this idea, and really anything to get rid of the pain. (Wait) Just about anything to get rid of the pain in my head would have worked with me. It just so happened that my mind was on how I could pass the pain onto someone else. Maybe it’s just the sadistic side to me, but it would be hard to imagine how one could get much enjoyment at giving someone a headache in terms of sadism. Wonder if giving people a headache is some sort of fetish?


Bing’s just being a dick. This was the best link that I could find discussing fetishes from me typing “Headache fetish”. I’m beginning to wonder if I’m just using bing wrong, and if what people say, “Bing’s just great for porn” bares any real weight to it. Why does this website only list two fetishes. Sorry, right diagnosis, but I’m fairly certain that there’s way more than only 2 fetishes, have you seen Deviantart lately? It’s not all just feet and transvestites. Trust me, sometimes I just enjoy a fun game of simply typing in something very innocent just to see what sort of fucked up shit comes up on Deviantart. It’s a lot of fun for the family. Most recommended with the filter off.

Well, that’s all I feel like typing for now. Please let me know if anyone could find me a word or something for headaches, maybe you just happen to be that sort of person who’s into giving people headache and it just turns you on. Also, give just typing a random name, say try yours on Deviantart. I tend to have fun there. A lot of fun. If you want to, you can also just share your fetish with me.

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