Echoes of a Bad Album -Sunday Rants – 007

Before we dive into this one, I would like to cover a few things. I understand that this one is coming quite a bit late compared to my other rants and that had not been intended. This one also happens to be a great deal longer than any of my previous one purely for the reason that I had started on this subject with myself and started typing it on notepad. I didn’t quite finish before Sunday, and well, am likely to finish what will likely take until early Monday.

I fucking love Marilyn Manson’s music at times.
It should come as no surprise to people that I’m a Metal fan, but before that, I was actually a great deal into Rock.
I would listen to Three Days Grace, Sick Puppies, Rage Against the Machine, System of a Down, Disturbed, Rammstein, Marilyn Manson, and so forth.
Well, I at least consider them all Rock. I was born in the early 90s, okay.
My personal favorites by Marilyn Manson is The Beautiful People, Tainted Love, The Dope Show, Rock is Dead, Anti-christ Superstar, The Nobodies,
and this late few are quite a bit more recent, Murderers are getting prettier everyday.

Why am I talking about Marilyn Manson right now? Well, I’ll be honest, I’ve gotten a bit on a Marilyn Manson kick right now.
Every now in then I go back and start listening to some music that I personally feel starts to speak to some part of me,
or brings me back to what I used to listen to at some point in my life,
such as what I will do with Limp Bizcit (more specifically Chocolate Starfish and Hot dog favored Water), Zao, Living Sacrifice, MegaDeth, Tool, and Metallica.
I guess part of it is that as I age my tastes in music change, and what I used to take issue with when I was young just doesn’t warrant so much of a budge.
Sometimes it’s just what I call for.
Now, this is where my little rant starts to step away from just talking about Marilyn Manson.

Do you know the feeling of buying a new album from a beloved musical group that just causes an overwelming sense of cheer that seems to want to manifest itself?
As it bubbles up inside of you, as you walk out of a store with say a Slayer Album, Overkill, Lamb of God or Dope.
I still remember when I bought Repentless by Slayer from a store, I left there with a broad smile on my face, having anticipated the release of the album.
I know getting The Grinding Wheel by Overkill had been one of the happiest days of my life.
Or at least it became that when it turned out the Inventory count of “-2” of the product simply meant that there had been two for that someone forgot to count when doing inventory.
Now, lets take a step back from that and say that it was say Siren Charms by In Flames.

I will not say that Siren Charms by In Flames was all bad.
What i will say is that I’m well convinced that their last good album had been Sounds of a Playground Fading.
I obvious had that sense of a buyer where I seem to try to justify my purchase, but I had to admit to myself.
The poor quality of the album with what I had hope to expect from such a beloved Metal group like In Flames.
The issue was definitely in the compression which is the worst fucking thing to go wrong with an Album.
On it’s own, Siren Charms is an enjoyable album and definitely has it’s strong parts. It came with quite a bit of disappointments at times.
However, With Eyes Wide open is definitely a enjoyable addition to the mix, and once the album hits As The World Explodes and then onward, In Flames shines on.
Until you try to play in mixed with other songs in you library.

Now that In Flames came out with Battles, I think back to Siren Charms.
I think to myself, is Battles going to just end up much like it’s predecesor?
When I watched Killercovernation on YouTube do his Why people hate In Flames, I feel that one of the point hit some concern right on the nose.
“They’ve came out sounding much more of an alternative metal group with Siren Charms”
I apologize if I misquoted, but that is definitely the point.
Much of In Flames had been know for their beloved Melodic Death Metal style starting with albums such as Come Clarity,
and every since one of their lead guitarists left the band, they started to change for what seemed like for the worst.
It seems that almost every band at some point of their career hit that one bad album.
Or the album that everything people loved the group for goes completely on its head.

Thus I actually get into the thick of what I intend to talk about. That ONE fucked up album that causes a long time fan to loose faith in their beloved band.
What’s more is that a bad album can do a lot of harm to a musical group’s reputation.
Really, so much of a song from a bad album has that effect. I remember when I first listened to Metallica I was introduced to the song “One”.
It fucking sucked. How was this even remotely metal? I listened to far more heavier hardrock groups.
At that moment, what many of his fans would see as Metallica loosing that style that gathered so many fans to begin with,
I saw as Metallica never having it to begin with.

I mostly notice how this influences my buying pattern.
Once a beloved musical group such as In Flames in my case, puts out a recent album that goes over poorly with me, it sets a precedent for future albums.
When I look at Battles by In Flames, I think of how Siren Charms was.
Releasing an album that doesn’t mix well with other albums from you group tends to work against the collector side of fans.
While the physical albums in some ways serves mostly as decoration for many,
the music behind the albums are what’s important.

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