What does it take to succeed on YouTube? – Sunday Rant – 008

This is a rant that honestly came to mind purely out of the fact that I had no other topic to think off and am coming to the edge of Sunday almost forgetting to put out an article for today. For the most part, I find that what videos gain attention on my channel interesting. I started placing more and more time and effort in my videos to the point that they look completely different than when I started. Yet, I notice that I gain no more traction with larger audiences.

I had hoped that by getting a website, I would more easily promote my content. As I found, the views per video seem to dwindle. Now, I want to really unpack this, I do mean, dwindle of which can be sufficiently supported. I state this, because I notice this sort of claim made by more popular YouTubers when subject to reasonable criticism may reveal that their claim might not be the cause. Notice whenever a say anime abridger demonstrate their frustration with less views on a recently released YouTube video and compare it too a much older one or older ones of the same series. It is possible that the series really only gains much traction with views because of the time it takes for subscribers to go through their feed, or new and/or new subscribers repeatedly going back to the older episode to either catch up to the series or to relive the enjoy viewer experience. To put it short, older videos will ALWAYS have more views than new ones, because views tend to accumulate as they are rewatched or reintroduced. I say this mostly as a response to Octopimp discontinuing his 50% off series after season 1. While I do believe it is possible that older fans have simply fallen out of love for the sense of humor used in the series. I can still see some room in my counterargument that I can easily say isn’t rolled out in the least bit by the current numbers. Maybe there was more to it that Octopimp simply didn’t cover, or specify his evident or the nuances to it.

Admittedly, it is a fair start to go with, well what are my number now. I am of course doing this with my Ezekiel’s Half-Life series, with my 4 sub base. Bare in mind, this has been a raise in my subbase since the conception of my channel. When I started the series it also had been very direct. with a ep 1 and 2 later “pt 1” and “pt 2”. the current view count is 21 views for pt 1 and 16 views for pt 2. These both have the most views for a number of reasons. They are amongst the very first videos on this channel that I have uploaded, and I leave plenty of links to start the series from that point. So, if people find pt 1 unbearable, then they won’t continue onto the next.  These two video have been out for almost a year now, with little to nothing being regularly posted between pt 2 and pt 2.1. This is where the view counts start to get very interesting.

With, 2.1 the views are up to 5 being about 2 months old. As for the the next video pt 3, pt 2.1  is dwarfed by a 16 view count. This could be because 3 had been made to appear more clickbait-y. Perhaps that’s what I should take away from it. With pt 3 being about a month old and then almost immediately followed up by a pt 3.1 the week after, the count for 3.1 is 7 views. And to end pt 3 off and hopefully move onto pt 4, pt 3.2 has 4 views, 2 of which I know where from me. Is this really what I would expect with pt 3.2 being up for only 3 days now? Or am I noticing a horrifying trend that ought to make me question the amount of effort I place into the videos.

Really, the videos are in a great for ME. But to what extent am I willing to say that I make them for others. I aim to entertain, but am clearly loosing to the battle of clickbaits and this is with the consideration of how much effort to put to really gain recognition. I have set up google+ so that people can now see them as they upload on their as well as with a message to go with it. That in the past has actually managed to be very helpful.

What I think might actually be oddly hurting some is the fact that I tried promoting it through minds. I have experienced some issues with Minds in that views through minds do not actually go through to YouTube. My instant thought to this is “well, I kinda have to expect this and make it work for me in some way.” I had figured that if people on Minds enjoyed the video of which 3 have displayed so, then they would see the end cap with the playlist to the whole series, a link to a previous video, and a link to my channel. I had hoped that this promote would lead more views over to my channel.

What concerns me about this, is that I don’t know what to make of it. Though due to the surprisingly low number of views on the video, I have assessed that there might be an issue somewhere here. I already decided that I will take a hiatus on the series, but the lack of positive feedback and really lack of feedback really concerns me. I like to be challenged in a way. I understand that I have a personal perspective that might not be completely compatible with others. I wish to hear what works with people, and in what areas I ought to consider if I wish to maintain an invested audience. Hell, I often yearn for feedback, biting at my tongue anticipating a response, any response that would help foster some direction to take my creative, and in a way really experiment. I understand that to some, negative feedback is ultimately bad. With context, I think it’s perfect acceptable and warranted for an artist to improve one’s craft. Why leave an artist in isolation to oneself with little to no interaction with the outside world? Whatever value there  is to be had from what that artist could produce, might mean absolutely nothing to the outside world. Is it this sort of mindset that brings an artist to pass a pure blue canvass off as high art? Perhaps part of the issue is that people might not know or understand what I am aiming for with my art.

Much of the focus of my craft has been what has always enticed me, content that is made that people can laugh at and that can mentally disturb them as well. Art that is made to appear pretty is made to make no change in the way we think so to conform. Art that is made to appear frightening and disturbing to the point of being nightmare inducing is made to provide a whole new way to look at the world and to promote innovation thereby.

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