Changes with Ezekiel’s Half-Life

For the longest time, Ezekiel’s Half-Life has stuck strictly with the original Half-Life game, and has always been more or less an abridgment of some of the game play experiences that could be found in the game given a very YouTube poop nature later into the series. However, I am taking a different direction with the series that I feel that I must address. At the very least, people can’t tell me that I didn’t think to warn them of the sudden changes. Too, this gives me a sure fire way of explaining myself.

I have always stuck with the Original Half Life game prior to the source engine being used. I did this to keep authentic. Especially sense I had the intentions to make videos off of Half-Life blue shift and Half-Life opposing forces to keep some level of consistency. I am happy to have made BLU3 SHIFT and had the plan to do so for quite sometime now. However, I arrive to consider a number of issues with the video. Like I stated before in the video’s description (or at least I think I have) I consider the project as a great learning experience that will likely make me think more carefully about the creative decisions that I take. Part of the authenticity comes from the use of standard ratio (4:3) rather than wide-screen (16:9) or academic screen (1.85:1), however that’s one of the first things to go.

I had a look back at my series so far and noticed that the Hud demonstrating my health and armor had served as an opponent to the level of immersion that I will viewers to feel as they watch my content. I tried finding any code online that could remove the hud, however, I found nothing. While I used the hud as a way to joke in at least one of my videos, I understand that I can’t truly say that I’m not just doing yet another fancy let’s play video keeping the hud in place. It’s really not enough that I am aiming to act out Gordon Freeman. Thus, I will continue the series in Half Life source where I can remove the hud. Going back to the different aspect ratios, Half Life source being made through the source engine created after the original Half Life game is in Academic ration rather than standard ratio. I could try cropping the video to appear in standard ratio, but I feel that I would be breaking the general purpose of keeping the standard ratio to begin with. I had kept standard ratio in order to assure the audiences that I am giving the full context of my monologue. Think of it as being the same reason that Team Four Star has always kept the “damn black bars” in all of their episodes. They are there because removing them would mean merely zooming in on the visuals thereby cutting off parts typically displayed in the source material.

Suffice to say, I can at least promise by the time of pt. 4, I will no longer be working with the hud as a distraction which is likely to result in some interesting character portrayal in of itself seeing how I typically do my videos improv, then edit accordingly. (At times adding some elements from Garry’s mod as I felt would be appropriate.)

When I continue on the series starting in May, I will likely change up my style quite a bit mostly to account for the fact that I’m currently being lapped by Freeman’s Mind done by Ross Scott (seeing how he has started on Half Life 2). I won’t give too much a way as to how I intend to do it, but I don’t doubt that it may start to feel like a very different series.

I will say, I will likely have difficulty by the time that I start on Half Life opposing forces seeing how that game uses the same engine as Half Life and doesn’t have the same source code. I will likely either leave the hud in, or crop it out breaking some of my promise in keeping as much of the record visuals in as possible.

While I’m at it, yes, when I come out with part 2 to Ezekiel’s Portal, I will have the hud taken out.

I will continue to keep you up to tabs on my projects in the future through my website. I prefer to keep from constantly making update videos, and figure a website designed for my content would be the best place to discuss what’s going on with current projects and the sort of direction I wish to take them.

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