2017 06 June update

It’s been a while since I’ve really added any content to my website, and a lot of that is definitely my fault. I might end up having to play a little catch up, but I do want to give just the basic run down for June before it gets too far in.

I as usual have my list of Prioritized videos which I can promise to have down within the month, and my list Desired videos which I will try to see if I manage into my schedule and publish within that set month. I do want to say, I’ve decided that I don’t really want to aim for having too regular content mostly for the fact that I don’t find it particularly helpful to my channel as I’ve hoped. I’ve also got an update video in the works that I hope will give a bit of a run down for future plans pass just June.


60s Least Portals chamber 18
Weeb’s Quest – NekoPara Vol. 1 – Chapter 3
2017 06 generic minecraft video


Iron Snout
Ezekiel’s Portal pt 2
Ezekiel’s Half-Life pt 5
The formula to comedy…
Three Days Grace – Anonymous (Gmod-TV)

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