What does it take to succeed on YouTube? – Sunday Rant – 008

This is a rant that honestly came to mind purely out of the fact that I had no other topic to think off and am coming to the edge of Sunday almost forgetting to put out an article for today. For the most part, I find that what videos gain attention on my channel interesting. I started placing more and more time and effort in my videos to the point that they look completely different than when I started. Yet, I notice that I gain no more traction with larger audiences.

I had hoped that by getting a website, I would more easily promote my content. As I found, the views per video seem to dwindle. Now, I want to really unpack this, I do mean, dwindle of which can be sufficiently supported. I state this, because I notice this sort of claim made by more popular YouTubers when subject to reasonable criticism may reveal that their claim might not be the cause. Notice whenever a say anime abridger demonstrate their frustration with less views on a recently released YouTube video and compare it too a much older one or older ones of the same series. It is possible that the series really only gains much traction with views because of the time it takes for subscribers to go through their feed, or new and/or new subscribers repeatedly going back to the older episode to either catch up to the series or to relive the enjoy viewer experience. To put it short, older videos will ALWAYS have more views than new ones, because views tend to accumulate as they are rewatched or reintroduced. I say this mostly as a response to Octopimp discontinuing his 50% off series after season 1. While I do believe it is possible that older fans have simply fallen out of love for the sense of humor used in the series. I can still see some room in my counterargument that I can easily say isn’t rolled out in the least bit by the current numbers. Maybe there was more to it that Octopimp simply didn’t cover, or specify his evident or the nuances to it.

Admittedly, it is a fair start to go with, well what are my number now. I am of course doing this with my Ezekiel’s Half-Life series, with my 4 sub base. Bare in mind, this has been a raise in my subbase since the conception of my channel. When I started the series it also had been very direct. with a ep 1 and 2 later “pt 1” and “pt 2”. the current view count is 21 views for pt 1 and 16 views for pt 2. These both have the most views for a number of reasons. They are amongst the very first videos on this channel that I have uploaded, and I leave plenty of links to start the series from that point. So, if people find pt 1 unbearable, then they won’t continue onto the next.  These two video have been out for almost a year now, with little to nothing being regularly posted between pt 2 and pt 2.1. This is where the view counts start to get very interesting.

With, 2.1 the views are up to 5 being about 2 months old. As for the the next video pt 3, pt 2.1  is dwarfed by a 16 view count. This could be because 3 had been made to appear more clickbait-y. Perhaps that’s what I should take away from it. With pt 3 being about a month old and then almost immediately followed up by a pt 3.1 the week after, the count for 3.1 is 7 views. And to end pt 3 off and hopefully move onto pt 4, pt 3.2 has 4 views, 2 of which I know where from me. Is this really what I would expect with pt 3.2 being up for only 3 days now? Or am I noticing a horrifying trend that ought to make me question the amount of effort I place into the videos.

Really, the videos are in a great for ME. But to what extent am I willing to say that I make them for others. I aim to entertain, but am clearly loosing to the battle of clickbaits and this is with the consideration of how much effort to put to really gain recognition. I have set up google+ so that people can now see them as they upload on their as well as with a message to go with it. That in the past has actually managed to be very helpful.

What I think might actually be oddly hurting some is the fact that I tried promoting it through minds. I have experienced some issues with Minds in that views through minds do not actually go through to YouTube. My instant thought to this is “well, I kinda have to expect this and make it work for me in some way.” I had figured that if people on Minds enjoyed the video of which 3 have displayed so, then they would see the end cap with the playlist to the whole series, a link to a previous video, and a link to my channel. I had hoped that this promote would lead more views over to my channel.

What concerns me about this, is that I don’t know what to make of it. Though due to the surprisingly low number of views on the video, I have assessed that there might be an issue somewhere here. I already decided that I will take a hiatus on the series, but the lack of positive feedback and really lack of feedback really concerns me. I like to be challenged in a way. I understand that I have a personal perspective that might not be completely compatible with others. I wish to hear what works with people, and in what areas I ought to consider if I wish to maintain an invested audience. Hell, I often yearn for feedback, biting at my tongue anticipating a response, any response that would help foster some direction to take my creative, and in a way really experiment. I understand that to some, negative feedback is ultimately bad. With context, I think it’s perfect acceptable and warranted for an artist to improve one’s craft. Why leave an artist in isolation to oneself with little to no interaction with the outside world? Whatever value there  is to be had from what that artist could produce, might mean absolutely nothing to the outside world. Is it this sort of mindset that brings an artist to pass a pure blue canvass off as high art? Perhaps part of the issue is that people might not know or understand what I am aiming for with my art.

Much of the focus of my craft has been what has always enticed me, content that is made that people can laugh at and that can mentally disturb them as well. Art that is made to appear pretty is made to make no change in the way we think so to conform. Art that is made to appear frightening and disturbing to the point of being nightmare inducing is made to provide a whole new way to look at the world and to promote innovation thereby.

Echoes of a Bad Album -Sunday Rants – 007

Before we dive into this one, I would like to cover a few things. I understand that this one is coming quite a bit late compared to my other rants and that had not been intended. This one also happens to be a great deal longer than any of my previous one purely for the reason that I had started on this subject with myself and started typing it on notepad. I didn’t quite finish before Sunday, and well, am likely to finish what will likely take until early Monday.

I fucking love Marilyn Manson’s music at times.
It should come as no surprise to people that I’m a Metal fan, but before that, I was actually a great deal into Rock.
I would listen to Three Days Grace, Sick Puppies, Rage Against the Machine, System of a Down, Disturbed, Rammstein, Marilyn Manson, and so forth.
Well, I at least consider them all Rock. I was born in the early 90s, okay.
My personal favorites by Marilyn Manson is The Beautiful People, Tainted Love, The Dope Show, Rock is Dead, Anti-christ Superstar, The Nobodies,
and this late few are quite a bit more recent, Murderers are getting prettier everyday.

Why am I talking about Marilyn Manson right now? Well, I’ll be honest, I’ve gotten a bit on a Marilyn Manson kick right now.
Every now in then I go back and start listening to some music that I personally feel starts to speak to some part of me,
or brings me back to what I used to listen to at some point in my life,
such as what I will do with Limp Bizcit (more specifically Chocolate Starfish and Hot dog favored Water), Zao, Living Sacrifice, MegaDeth, Tool, and Metallica.
I guess part of it is that as I age my tastes in music change, and what I used to take issue with when I was young just doesn’t warrant so much of a budge.
Sometimes it’s just what I call for.
Now, this is where my little rant starts to step away from just talking about Marilyn Manson.

Do you know the feeling of buying a new album from a beloved musical group that just causes an overwelming sense of cheer that seems to want to manifest itself?
As it bubbles up inside of you, as you walk out of a store with say a Slayer Album, Overkill, Lamb of God or Dope.
I still remember when I bought Repentless by Slayer from a store, I left there with a broad smile on my face, having anticipated the release of the album.
I know getting The Grinding Wheel by Overkill had been one of the happiest days of my life.
Or at least it became that when it turned out the Inventory count of “-2” of the product simply meant that there had been two for that someone forgot to count when doing inventory.
Now, lets take a step back from that and say that it was say Siren Charms by In Flames.

I will not say that Siren Charms by In Flames was all bad.
What i will say is that I’m well convinced that their last good album had been Sounds of a Playground Fading.
I obvious had that sense of a buyer where I seem to try to justify my purchase, but I had to admit to myself.
The poor quality of the album with what I had hope to expect from such a beloved Metal group like In Flames.
The issue was definitely in the compression which is the worst fucking thing to go wrong with an Album.
On it’s own, Siren Charms is an enjoyable album and definitely has it’s strong parts. It came with quite a bit of disappointments at times.
However, With Eyes Wide open is definitely a enjoyable addition to the mix, and once the album hits As The World Explodes and then onward, In Flames shines on.
Until you try to play in mixed with other songs in you library.

Now that In Flames came out with Battles, I think back to Siren Charms.
I think to myself, is Battles going to just end up much like it’s predecesor?
When I watched Killercovernation on YouTube do his Why people hate In Flames, I feel that one of the point hit some concern right on the nose.
“They’ve came out sounding much more of an alternative metal group with Siren Charms”
I apologize if I misquoted, but that is definitely the point.
Much of In Flames had been know for their beloved Melodic Death Metal style starting with albums such as Come Clarity,
and every since one of their lead guitarists left the band, they started to change for what seemed like for the worst.
It seems that almost every band at some point of their career hit that one bad album.
Or the album that everything people loved the group for goes completely on its head.

Thus I actually get into the thick of what I intend to talk about. That ONE fucked up album that causes a long time fan to loose faith in their beloved band.
What’s more is that a bad album can do a lot of harm to a musical group’s reputation.
Really, so much of a song from a bad album has that effect. I remember when I first listened to Metallica I was introduced to the song “One”.
It fucking sucked. How was this even remotely metal? I listened to far more heavier hardrock groups.
At that moment, what many of his fans would see as Metallica loosing that style that gathered so many fans to begin with,
I saw as Metallica never having it to begin with.

I mostly notice how this influences my buying pattern.
Once a beloved musical group such as In Flames in my case, puts out a recent album that goes over poorly with me, it sets a precedent for future albums.
When I look at Battles by In Flames, I think of how Siren Charms was.
Releasing an album that doesn’t mix well with other albums from you group tends to work against the collector side of fans.
While the physical albums in some ways serves mostly as decoration for many,
the music behind the albums are what’s important.

Headache Laser Beam – Sunday Rant – 006

For now, I’m not returning to the subject discussed in my last rant. Ultimately, I would like to go into greater detail on that subject, and really there would be a great many subjects that I would like to discuss, yet I seem to suffer from this extreme headache. Hell, I figured I could maybe start some discussion about the cringy-ass Minecraft video that I just pumped out. Though seeing how it’s only been up for like 15 hours by the time I started writing this, I think I ought to hold off from that right now.

So, why don’t I just rant about this stupid headache that I’ve been dealing with for so long. It’s not so bad now, because I took a bunch of pain meds, but for the time it had been. So much so that I considered whether or not banging my head into a wall or something of that sort would help or only worsen the condition. Really what would have been great is if I could just somehow beam the headache at someone so I don’t have to deal with it. I would choose my victim wisely enough.

I would say my only consideration is that I was at work with this headache and I don’t really think I would want to push that sudden pain onto many of my co-workers. There’s some I could easily see not minding leaving in a painful condition. Really, I just figured I could laser beam a customer just as they leave though the door and none would be any the wiser from the transaction. Given that I time it just right. Then again, if I had a beam come out of my head and shoot someone in the head, that would catch a lot of attention. I really didn’t think this concept through.

In my defense, I was dealing with a really painful headache at the time of considering this idea, and really anything to get rid of the pain. (Wait) Just about anything to get rid of the pain in my head would have worked with me. It just so happened that my mind was on how I could pass the pain onto someone else. Maybe it’s just the sadistic side to me, but it would be hard to imagine how one could get much enjoyment at giving someone a headache in terms of sadism. Wonder if giving people a headache is some sort of fetish?


Bing’s just being a dick. This was the best link that I could find discussing fetishes from me typing “Headache fetish”. I’m beginning to wonder if I’m just using bing wrong, and if what people say, “Bing’s just great for porn” bares any real weight to it. Why does this website only list two fetishes. Sorry, right diagnosis, but I’m fairly certain that there’s way more than only 2 fetishes, have you seen Deviantart lately? It’s not all just feet and transvestites. Trust me, sometimes I just enjoy a fun game of simply typing in something very innocent just to see what sort of fucked up shit comes up on Deviantart. It’s a lot of fun for the family. Most recommended with the filter off.

Well, that’s all I feel like typing for now. Please let me know if anyone could find me a word or something for headaches, maybe you just happen to be that sort of person who’s into giving people headache and it just turns you on. Also, give just typing a random name, say try yours on Deviantart. I tend to have fun there. A lot of fun. If you want to, you can also just share your fetish with me.

Algorithms versus Quality Creation – Sunday Rant- 005

Alas, the third and final for this weekend.

The subject here is definitely levels more personal in that I didn’t really know any better name to choose for this rant than “Algorithms versus Quality Creation” because it started as one thing then another, until I realized how connected they were as well how very real my frustration at them were.  However, this very rant may reveal the irony of me creating this series is most certainly to “play the game” in a way.

As any YouTuber, anyone, how might they tell you that you can make it big on YouTube. Was it, be sure to create quality content? Make sure what you make something that you can look back at and either think to yourself, “Oh, I could maybe improve this and that; but I’m happy to do this project as a learning experience” or that you can say you are very personally proud of. Fuck no. They tell you to just create content. Just push out more and more content. Now ideally you would improve your content anyways as you go along, and there are some YouTubers that I respect who argue that you should really work to promote your content to circles that are most likely to have an interest in your content.

Little quick note here. I honestly don’t know that I would completely finish my thought or catch everything that I might want established in this rant. In fact, I’m likely to cap this rant a little after 1500 words. Solely to assure two things. A) So that I can come back to add any example as to what I’m talking about to give more context that I would otherwise have forgotten and/or blanked out on. B) So that my readers feel like reading this to the end, and not as though this blog completely wasted their time.

By now, I already gave enough evidence and hints that I’m talking about what else, YouTube in this rant. YouTube is most certainly not the lone offender in this general theme, however, many people already covered how the algorithm tends to punish creators for their efforts merely for the amount of time it takes to push out another video. As the saying goes, “If I take time on my video with a large amount of passion for my work, than I know that I will look back at something I can say I’m proud of, but I will immediately loose relevance within the process.” Now that I think of it, I think this might be the thing that Yandere Simulator Developer might have said in one of his videos. I will first off admit that I’m one of those people who almost only really watch YouTube now adays instead of the mainstream media to any decree. A large part of that has to do with relevance.

I always typically go through watching a movie that tries to ground itself within the “real world” feeling sort of lost, and somewhat annoyed. Some important key aspects tend to be missing when it comes to the actual real world and every movie that tries to be in the “real world” is always behind. To some degree, it can always come off as funny if a movie producer decides to go with something that may have been relevant and true when they started production, however, changes in foreign affairs and policies had transpired in the middle of the production completely altering the very sense of realism that the producer(s) had intended to go for. When you really think about it. The amount of time and effort that would have to be taken in order to reach the same sort of level of cinematography of say a Deadpool movie or Avengers’ movie would essential demand that relevance isn’t even attempted. That’s where YouTube gains it’s strong suit. YouTube creators don’t usually have to worry about loosing any sort of relevance creating a video that might be 15 mins at the longest. Hence, the world of response videos could only ever exist on YouTube or medias much like it.


The general theme I wish to get across is not strictly with YouTube, rather with every media within this modern age. Every Website. Every concept. Game. Comic. Whatever it might be. Let me previous this with “What made Homestuck so popular?” Was it the quality storytelling? Maybe, I didn’t get that invested into it, and felt a great deal of it was not the least bit relatable, but I’m not exactly everyone am I. Was it the eye catching art style? I really don’t think so. I found it 100% cringe. Especially with the starting MS paint designs. Really the needless feeling 2nd person storytelling set me off from even feeling the least bit invested. I think it has more to do with how regular the story kept on going. It simply spread with a cringy art style easily outdone by the fandom much like a cancer. More and more people dropped to the cancer while other bared witness and kept as distant as possibly in fear of what might hit them. Homestuck didn’t always keep regular though, and when the series just took breaks and stopped production, it was as though the fandom started dying off. Each new spark tends to gain a less and less noticeable following. The point being is that the most effective way that anyone has found to gain then keep a following is spam. Why? Because that’s what your Algorithm supports and helps. Like I said, I started with thinking about YouTube on this and will continue to make this about YouTube.


Raise of hands, who grew up with Machinima? Oh wait, mAchinima. That’s right. People who typically create forum to promote content such as Machinima (mAchinima) have become so feed up with the association with the YouTube channel and company Machinima that they purposely changed what gets capitalize to simply describe a genre.



The forum to Gorilla Gong

What could possibly be so horrible about Machinima (other than how many business partners they changed the contracts up on) that people would want no association with the company with the genre? First thing that comes to my mind is when Machinima was no longer about Machinima. Machinima used to be a channel that a number of YouTubers and channels would turn to to promote quality projects  usually working within different game engines to create a story out of beloved games. However, Machinima suddenly opened up to Let’s Players. What’s the problem you ask? Say you sign onto a contract with the intent of promoting your hard work in the form of a video that took you Weeks up to Months to work on only to find that you proud work is immediately buried by a plethora of daily YouTube trash of some smucks simply playing a game all the way through. Little to no edits. Did they add much to the medium they do videos on? Not really. Maybe you can say they add their personality or perspective to a game. Expect, it’s the same person playing the same game after some time, and changing next to nothing in terms of what you’d expect. Some of my attitude has changed toward Let’s Players over time, aside from the shit ton of spam I end up dealing with if ever I sub to one.

There are a few things to be said about Let’s Players that doesn’t make them the absolute pawn-scum of the Earth however. For the most part, they are redeemable. Here’s a few ways I see that.

  1. Well edited SEGMENTS. Not the entirety of the fucking game. I know fair use doctrine still protects it, but I’m not entirely convinced that there are areas that can make that remain true. The biggest gray area in that is with Lets’ Plays of Visual Novels. First off, I’m not so sure you can really call Visual Novels a game but that’s more of a conversation for later.
  2. Really Add or Change something to the lore. None of this fucking “oh I think this” “oh I wanna say this” bullshit. Don’t fuck around. Your viewers are not there for you. Maybe some are as a repeat viewer, but mainly they’re there to watch whatever game you’re playing. Too often, Lets’ Players find the best route to keep interest is to simply have the equivalent of a normal out-of-game discussion. You could easily make it into a podcast.
  3. With that last one said, lets add more of a subpoint, know whether or not you actually intend to entertain your audience with the gameplay. Raise of hands, how many of you watched a CuckyIsQueer, I mean LeafyIsHere video and noticed  two main details. (1) Every video is usually a cringe critic video and/or a response video yet is marked as a gaming video. Seriously, every video gives a description of a video game and all of his videos are marked as gaming. Part of his way of making the algorithm work so long for him is that he’s mostly under gaming. You could argue that a large portion of the attention he gets is thanks to Keemstar and other large name channels. (2) Every video called the Cringiest Kid on the internet starts with the satisfying conclusion that you already found the Cringiest Kid on the internet, it’s leafy. You don’t fucking need Idubbz to conclude that Leafy is shit.


Now this is where I’m going to end it for now. I actually hoped that I would have gotten a lot further with my rant than simply Let’s Players, but I felt that the demographic deserved a more lengthy explanation for such distain. Really, my attitude toward lets players used to be more common placed by other content creators. I feel that I ought to leave off with what makes Lets Players the offender’s here is merely the rampant regularity of content that makes it easy to be notice while drowning out other content creators. I would hardly call them the worst offenders in this case or ones that would need rid of. I will likely continued where I left off on next Sunday. Too, the regularity of my rants could also fall under the same umbrella the sort of spam I’m referring to, so I’m not exactly coming from a stance of saying everything I do is better.

20% my ass B&N – Sunday Rant – 004

Thus the Second of my President day weekend rant. I really didn’t plan for having 3. Really, it start with having only two topics that drove up enough emotion to really discuss in great detail. Pussy came 3rd. Ha. Okay, back to what I’m going over.

This one’s a little less laugh out loud and lol than my last one, and mostly because this is more of one of those stories of how a store made my shit list. Barnes & Nobles.

First off, there’s a number of reason that I actually enjoy Barnes & Nobles and especially the online service. The website allows for me to find and purchase CDs that I really wouldn’t be able to find anywhere due to how obscure the musical group is such as Arkona and Samael. With each passing day, Samael becomes all the more alluding.

So, when I saw that Barnes & Noble’s emailed me a 20% off discount on whatever, I got excited. I found some CD already on some 5% sale and thought to myself, “Oh, it’ll just let me use the 20% instead of the 5%.” I pretty much figured that the 5% wouldn’t tack onto the 20% off. Didn’t work.

As I soon learned, the Barnes & Nobel’s website will only accept the 20% if there isn’t already a deal on the item. I didn’t feel too disgruntled about it at the time. The discount expires by the 20th and the sale lasts until the 22nd so I knew I couldn’t just time it right either. Maybe there’s some other kind of CD I could find that’s not already on some sort of sale.

As it turned out, every CD had some sort of sale going onto the 22nd. Does this story start to feel drawn out enough? Well, this doesn’t start to compare to how much time I wasted searching through to find absolutely no books on discount or really much of anything of worth to me not already on some discount. Really the only item I could say I was happy seeing was a book called Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. I actually felt okay with the deal because they had it for 37% off which was better than what I was initially offered anyways. I think the most pain-striking part of it is the fact that before I click on an item, there would be no way I would even know if there had already been some sort of discount.

It was a Schrodinger’s cat scenario. At some point, I figure that effort was absolutely not worth it. I was wasting my time. Every item was both on sale and not on sale for all I cared. And I felt fairly safe in saying that absolutely everything had the same exactly sale up to the 22nd. So why would Barnes & Nobel’s offer me a discount that I could never feasibly use? Simple. It was a cheap and effective marketing tool to just pull me to their website.

If you can sell everything at a set discount at one time, then what risk do you really run into when customers go to your site and reach a point of fatigue and decide “Well, it’s already on an acceptable enough discount, fuck it, why not take up the offer as is.” Not quite to Barnes & Nobel’s favor, I didn’t fall for the trap. I merely became aware of the trap and frustrated at how I thought I had a decent discount that I could use only to find it didn’t work on anything, and likely never would. In the end, I just ended up not buying anything out of frustration. Well, I might return for Brave New World. Hey, if they want to deny me a 20% discount but give me a 37% discount, can I really find a better way to say fuck your useless discount?