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What would I say that my channel is about
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What would I say that my channel is about?

This is more of a question to be completely honest. Some of the people who tend to see my Sunday Rants are likely more familiar with my Website than necessarily my YouTube channel. I don’t really post all of my content onto my website purely for the reason that I’m not entirely sure what all would be really considered presentable.

My channel is centered on providing entertainment, and really much more of an experimentation of what I can do with my editing skills. I aim to create content that I myself and go back and look at with a sense of pride and joy hopefully living up to my inspirations for much of my content.

My Inspirations

I didn’t come to what content I currently create completely on my own. Along the way, I have been personally inspired to start creating content of my own on YouTube and even given inspiration by other creators to focus on numerous areas of how I edit, record and further my overall quality in all of my videos.

  1. Ross Scott – Accursed Farms
    • Ross Scott’s Influence is most likely more direct in the series Ezekiel’s Half-Life in the fact that I gained some of the motivation to not only become invested into the Half-Life game series through him. Personally, I look forward to his Movie, and I greatly admire his ambition in finishing projects that I really don’t think I personally share. More the most part there have been a number of projects that I started somewhere part way then stopped for merely loosing interest in the project or feeling that I might not be able to give it quite the same feeling as when I started. I would say that this disconnect is mostly felt with some older projects that I eventually regain interest in continuing merely for the reason that I feel that I still have something to add to it. I mostly knew Ross Scott for his Civil Protection series and used to think that he did everything in Garry’s Mod. When I found out that he had been using the Source Engine primarily for all of his videos, I had been amazed by his attentiveness in that degree. I don’t know how it compares in level of difficulty, but I find it all the more impressive nonetheless. Ross Scott is definitely one of the many names I associate with Machinima as a genre, and is definitely one of the people who drive me to want to make Machinima.
  2. IHE (I hate everything)
    • Alas, Machinima had not been what I started out with. In fact, I had been very much convinced that I would not be very capable of doing Machinima for the reason that I had been unfamiliar with editing to some degree. That’s where I Hate Everything comes in. I became familiar with IHE’s channel through some friends and mostly watched to see his videos going over his drama with Cool Cat. There’s a great deal of detail that goes behind his work and I find that I can appreciate that. In fact, that’s more of where I started to form my style more or less (if you can really call it my style.) Really, I just knew that I wanted shit to happen, then I started experimenting figuring that that’s the only way I’m going to get anywhere. A wonderful scale for how my style changes and switches up over time quite honestly is my Ezekiel’s Half-Life series.
  3. DasBoSchitt
    • When it comes down to it. I tend to play around a lot with Garry’s Mod, and a large part of that is one of the biggest inspirations and influences to my work, DasBoSchitt infamous for his Gmod Idiot Box. How much of an Influence you might as. Well. I specially use Audacity because that’s what DasBoSchitt had recommended. Yeah, I understand that there’s other audio editing tools a bit better for a price, but I have yet to really see a reason to move from using Audacity. I even specially chose to use Sony Vegas versus Adobe Premier for the reason that it’s what DasBoShitt recommended it. Now, I’m learning first hand how few people willing to create tutorial videos on video editing software are willing to do so for Sony Vegas. Suffice to say, I started learning the specifics of the tool on my own. 
  4. Grimmjack69
    • Why again did I choose this one again? I think it’s because I find him as being part of the new line of popular abridgement. Really I find it easy to connect with his comedy.
  5. RoosterTeeth
    • I would be lying if I said that I never aspired to do anything like RoosterTeeth. Afterall, the company at its humble beginnings managed to invent a whole new genre, and pioneered the popularity of Halo Machinima. There had definitely been others like them than just Red vs Blue, but the point is that there is no other group that can truly say they had the chance to really evolve the way that RoosterTeeth has. Even if that means they now do almost no Machinima anymore dispite how that’s how they started. What I mean is that there’s hardly any business sort YouTube group with the level of innovation and creativity as RoosterTeeth that has nearly so much transparency as them for better or for worst. I say that more from my angle. I find it hard at times whether I can say that the transparency works for them or not. On one end you get a sense that you can know the people behind the projects, but it’s a question of how much of that overtakes what people sub or follow them for to begin with. Mostly I look at how they start and where their Machinima projects really took off. It’s a sort of success that’s all inspiring.
  6. SovietWomble
    • If you haven’t heard of this channel then I definitely recommend giving him a look. Really, we’re in an age where Let’s Plays have really taken over, and there’s very little hope that a great deal of Machinima can really poke through. Really content on YouTube seems to really reward those who are the best at merely spamming their audiences. Sure some of those spammers at some point add actual effort to their videos and are able to add increasing production value. Yet, they end up drowning out a ton of content that really only surges maybe once every 2 weeks up to once a year in some of the most extreme cases. The point being is that I can appreciate how SovietWomble is able to take a genre like Let’s Play or really gaming, and still give something of value to viewers that cuts down to the important bits. I might not have too much to say for myself for the fact that I really started out with mostly Let’s Play sort of format, but I like to think that I take some direction similar to how SovietWomble took it which condenses hours of gameplay to what will actually intrigue viewers, and then add to that content to intrigue the audience even further.
  7. Kitty0706
    • To be honest, Kittyo706 is really up there with me with the sort of projects he does with Garry’s Mod, and it saddens me a great deal to see him pass away. There’s no words that quite covers how much it stings me to see his Mass Defect video striked down without him even able to be there to fight the bullshit copyright strike. For those who might be loss, he passed away due to skin cancer just around the time as #WTFU was going around for the abuse of copyright strikes on YouTube. Really, Kitty0706 had been a prodigy of sorts whose work will live on as with the absurdist sort of humor that everyone can get some laughs out of.

What is there to know about future Projects

I have no set schedule. That’s first and foremost. Much of what I do is inspired by what I feel that I can do, and feel that the timing allows for it. Sometimes I push myself what feels to be too far on making sure that I hit a certain deadline or keep regular with my content. As of late, I’ve been trying to make sure that I produce seasonal projects as a way to try to gain popularity and relevancy. After 2017, I don’t see myself doing that in the future mostly for one reason. I want to finish my Ezekiel’s Half-Life series and be able to focus more attention on other projects or at least get started onto Half-Life 2. 

For a great deal of reason, I refrain from naming many projects that I which to move over to in the future for the same reason other artists do, I wish to avoid causing hype. Hype has a way of working against anything that you work and can bring forth a lot of pressure on you to finish something that might not be so well within my reach or at least not so reasonable at that time to have finished.

What I feel most confident in sharing are as following; I intend to finish with Half-Life and move over to each Half-Life game such as Blue Shift, Opposing Forces and the entirety of 2, I intend to finish with Portal, and Red vs Blue Machinimabridged (which I should be working with BaC0NaT0R117 on). Really, I might just add a category or tag to allow people to track what all I’m willing to say that I wish to work on or am or into to work on in the future.

Hobbies & Interests

I’m a big time Metal Fan. I enjoy Machinima and used to more actively game. I tend to prefer to keep it out of my work but I also hold an interest in politics. I guilty of letting it slip and really in a big way, but for the most part I try to restrain it at almost all costs.